Acceptable Printer Types


First off, we strongly encourage that you request a sample if you have any doubts about anything to do with our products.  We understand it is difficult to relay the thickness and sturdiness of our boxes as well as to visualize just how we stamp them out.  Just go to our Contact Us page and request the product you want to test.

Our Photo Cover Gloss material is 260 gsm thick which is much thicker than your average 24# bond copy paper that equated to 90.3 gsm. We have found that straight path inkjet printers typically have better results running these thicker sheets. This isn´t to say that a tray fed inkjet printer will not work, just that you will need to test it before ordering.

The first thing you can do is download the template for the box you want to or just did purchase. Templates can be found on our Download Box Templates Page. Templates are in a PDF format and can be used in any program the allows you to edit pdf´s. Edit is the important word here. Many programs allow you to view pdf´s but you need a graphic program that allows you to edit. If you have a program that allows this, go ahead and download the template and start adding your text and images so you are ready to print when your product arrives.

If you don´t have a graphics program that allows you to edit, we recommend trying a program called Inkscape. Inkscape is a free downloadable program found at While this program may not have all the bells and whistles that say, an Adobe Illustrator has, it is free and works quite well.

Just after downloading the template and opening it in your favorite graphics program, don´t forget to lock that layer and create a new layer to place your images and text. This will allow you to move images and text around without disturbing the template. Plus, when you are all done, you will want to "hide" actual template so that you do not print the lines. All our products come completely scored and ready to punch out and fold. You don´t need the lines and no cutting or guessing where to fold is required.


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