Why Printable Boxes

Why you would want to print your own boxes.


There are many advantages for using DIY Printable Boxes with your products and in this article we will touch on a few of the more important ones.

Cost of Printing Boxes:
You've just finished creating your new product and are looking for ways to complete the packaging.  You want to put your product in a box, so you do some research and find out that due to the high minimums of creating packaging the cost has put the packaging out of your budget.  But wait, all hope is not lost.  DIY Printable Boxes has just the solution you've been looking for.  A way to create small amouts of custom printed packaging on a budget you can afford.  With DIY Printable Boxes, you can purchase as few as 10 sheets of our printable box template sheets and print as many as you need on your own laser or inkjet printer. 

Cut Down on Production Time:
So you've found some plane cardboard boxes that fit your product. You know you can't just put your products in a brown box and call it quits. Well putting colorful labels on the box seemed be the next best solution for you. But why go to all the extra expense, time and effort to put labels on the box when you can print right on the box? With DIY Printable Boxes, you can do it all in one step, getting your products out the door quicker, cheaper and nicer looking.

Create Mock Ups:
All the hard work you've put into creating your new product is finished and now it is time to pitch the product to the company executives, investors or retail stores.  Getting finished packaging from traditional sources can take an eternity and cost way too much.  And even if you need a standard box size and could get a sample from a supplier, the box would be blank or worse yet, have printing on it for product that is not yours!  By going with DIY Printable Boxes, you can just he box size you need AND print your information and images just as the finish product needs to be.  Now that's how you make a proper sales pitch.

Test Different Design Variations:
Lets face it, hardly any of us get the perfect package design exactly the way we want it on the first try.  By using DIY Printable Boxes you can create as many different variations of your design that you want.  Then just print, punch and fold.  Now you can compare actual boxes right next to each other and all in a few minutes with little expense.  Now that's printing on demand!


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