Downloadable Box Templates

Below are templates of each of the boxes and envelopes we sell. Each template can be downloaded and saved to your computer and used in your favorite photo editing software that allows you to edit a pdf. Just download the template, open in your software, lock the layer with the template image on it, create a new layer which you will use to add your graphics and text. When completed, do not forget to hide the template layer so as not to print off the lines.

Now just Print - Punch - Fold.

GOLFBALL3-WG-10Golf Ball Box for 3 BallsGolf Ball Box
LIPBALM-WG-10Lip Balm BoxLip Balm Box
PFBOX1-WG-10Party Favor BoxParty Favor Box
PILLOW64-WG-10Pillow Box - Large 6" x 4" x 1.5"Pillow Box - Large
PILLOW43-WG-10Pillow Box 4" x 3" x 1"Pillow Box
SOAP-WG-10Soap Box 3.75" x 2.25" x 1.375"Soap Box
SQBOX1-WG-10Square Box for 2 oz silver candle tin with lidSquare Box
ENVELOPE-WG-10Self Sealing Envelope (1 and 2 sided)Envelope
GREETCARD1-2S-WG-10Greeting CardGreeting Card
BIZCARDS-WG-10Business Cards (1 and 2 Sided)Business Cards
DOORHNG2-WG-10Door Hangers 4.25" x 11"Door Hangers 2 Up
DOORHNG3-WG-10Door Hangers 8.5" x 3.66"Door Hangers 3 Up
HANGTAG6-WG-10Hang Tags 2.833" x 5.25"Hang Tags 6 UP
HANGTAG12-WG-10Hang Tags 2" x 3"Hang Tags 12 Up
HANGTAG48-WG-10 Hang Tags 1" x 1.5"Hang Tags 24 Up

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